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Hidden cameras

A client asked me recently to build a covert hidden camera to his own specifications. It had to slot into the racking inside a warehouse and be moveable so it could be used in various locations around factory warehouse. The other requirement was that it had to last for 13 hours and record to a built in DVR. The problem was there were several Wi-Fi zones and it couldn't always pick them up due to be encased in the steel racking. 

Pinhole camera
The client this time is a black male and he has a half cast wife that he think is unfaithful.  He wants he followed when she goes out on a Monday and Thursday.  She is gorgeous with great legs and a beautiful figure, 25 years old. Her husband is 35 years old and relatively wealthy businessman, giving her anything she wants.

The agent gets to the house early and fits a tracking device on her car so he can follow at a discreet distance.  He follows her and she drives to a pub about 10 miles away.  She waits in the car at the pub car park and within a few minutes another car pulls alongside.  She gets out of her Porsche Boxster and into a Mercedes SLK driven by another male and off they go.    

Trace people
Police in 16 countries across the United States, western Europe and in Chile have seized cash, firearms and drugs and arrested 80 people suspected of peddling virus software believed to have infected hundreds of thousands of computers, according to European legal authorities.

Two days of raids targeted creators, users and sellers of the “BlackShades” malware, which the U.S. Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) says has been sold to thousands of users in more than 100 countries, infecting more than 500,000 computers. The software allowed users to control other people’s computers.

hidden camera

Two women walk into the office after making an appointment with the boss’s wife.  They are from a lower class area and she doesn’t expect them to have much money to spend.

They tell her that their men are working away all week as builders in the Lake District and will be up to no good at night because they don’t want much sex when they come home at weekends.

One of them is older and married, and the other is in her 20’s and just living with the guy.  They inform us that this weekend their men will not be coming home, and have to stay away to get the job finished.

The women don’t believe it of course and want us to find and follow them.  We have the details of the company they are working for, and one the agents in the office call them and get the details of the address where the guys are working.

Suitcase tracker

New suitcase that allows you to track its' position anywhere in 220 countries. The tracking unit is built into the case and not visible when the case is looked into.

Made from 5mm Rigid and Durable Plastic, it is fully waterproof and programmable from your PC or by using the Mobile App.

Using our Large High Impact Case you can rest assured that your valuable equipment or parts are being transported safely. The tough exterior and airtight valve keeps the case water resistant, meaning you’ll never worry about them getting damaged or wet. The two pieces of foam can easily be shaped to mould around any of your valuables, so you can completely customise the inside to suit your needs!

The case is a Large High Impact Case with Pre Cut Foam Interior
• It will keep your valuables safe because it is robust and water resistant case
• It is supplied with two pieces of pre-cut foam enabling you to customise the inside for your own specific needs
• Tough and durable exterior that ensures all your contents are fully protected and waterproof.

Hidden camera

One of our major clients in Insurance Fraud investigation sends us an instruction to say they have a subject with a damaged neck and back and he can hardly get around due to his injuries.  We do the preliminary enquiries at the office to check he is still living at the house and confirm all the details.  Once the agents get to the property they realize it’s a farmhouse literally in the middle of nowhere.  They try to get close to the house but it is virtually impossible.

We then get a call from the insurance company to say he has an appointment with a specialist consultant, and rightly enough, off he goes being driven by his sister.  He gets out of the car at the offices of the specialist and is wearing a neck brace and using a walking stick as he goes in. It appears that he knows how to play the game. 


A very respectable lady of 55 years calls and says that she would like a meeting at her house in Disley.  The boss goes to see her and she explains that her husband is acting very strangely and has been doing so for several years.  She doesn’t think it is another woman but wonders why he doesn’t come home till late and always smells of different scents.

He is a very wealthy businessman and she wants to know what he is up to in case it is illegal or will affect her if she has to get divorced and leave him.  They have been married for23 years at this point and she has never doubted him before.  All of a sudden he is carrying lots of cash around with him and she thinks he might be stashing cash to leave her.   

Spy camera
A female client comes to the office and thinks her husband is cheating.  We arrange to follow him and he keeps going to a street in Bolton.  The problem is parking and seeing which house he runs into.  We then narrow it down to one of two houses and keep watch.

After several hours the agent sees him come out of number 23 and head back to his car.  Next day we find out who lives at 23 and that she is married and he husband works away a lot.

Pinhole covert camera

A call came into office for an agent to meet with male who believes his girlfriend is up to no good.  Agent goes to meet him at his offices and he explains that she is going away on a course in London with the company she works for and he ex-boyfriend who also works at the company will be on the course also.

He has the details of the hotel and dates of the course so agent tells the client he can follow her at night after the course and see what she gets up to.  Agent calls into office and speaks to owner to see what else he can suggest.  The owner says that if the client is willing to pay for it we can install a camera in her hotel room, but it’s going to be £2,000.  The client accepts but wonders how the hell we can get a camera in the room.

Vehicle tracking

The GPS vehicle tracking systems are ideal for both commercial and private use.
In one instance a company may use them to keep a log of where their drivers are, or have been, and another instance is where it is used in matrimonial situations to establish whether or not your spouse is going where they say they are.

In commercial applications it can be used covertly or overtly. It would be your choice to tell the driver if he is under surveillance. Under the Date Protection Act it is possible to track an employee's movements if you feel that there is a chance of gross misconduct. Many of the companies with tracking systems fitted do so with the full knowledge of the drivers. This often means that drivers stick to a schedule and do not deviate from their set route unnecessarily. On that basis it is often a time and money saving operation for the company. The units can be programmed to manage data during work hours and not during private use time, if that is needed. This means there is no invasion into the private life of the employee.