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CCTV camera

Don't you just love it when best laid plans come to fruition. Well, it doesn't happen often enough unfortunately.
However, after installing a CCTV camera system several weeks I got a call from the company. I was expecting them to say there had been a theft and we have caught the bad guys.
I didn't expect to get there and download the video recording to that an articulated lorry had reversed into their shutter doors.
It was all on film but the driver didn't see the camera in situ, or the shutter door.  He pulled forward after smashing the doors and stood at the side of his vehicle saying 'It wasn't me'. The footage was sent to his company and they have now admitted liability for the damage.

Process Server
We are often asked to serve papers on the Respondent in a case where child custody issues are being fought over by one side or another.
This week was no different, other than the reaction from the children of the Respondent.
I served a Special Order on a gentleman whose children had been living with him for a few months and whom he had settled into a new school.

He wasn't happy to receive the order, firstly because it had been granted without his knowledge, and secondly because he told me the children didn't want to live with their mother.

ABI logo
Great meeting today in Birmingham put on by the ABI. 
Some great speakers on Data Protection, deployment of Tracking units and future licensing.
It looks like the licensing and qualification process is moving forward and will be introduced within the next 12 months.