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Pinhole covert camera

A call came into office for an agent to meet with male who believes his girlfriend is up to no good.  Agent goes to meet him at his offices and he explains that she is going away on a course in London with the company she works for and he ex-boyfriend who also works at the company will be on the course also.

He has the details of the hotel and dates of the course so agent tells the client he can follow her at night after the course and see what she gets up to.  Agent calls into office and speaks to owner to see what else he can suggest.  The owner says that if the client is willing to pay for it we can install a camera in her hotel room, but it’s going to be £2,000.  The client accepts but wonders how the hell we can get a camera in the room.

That afternoon we call the hotel as the company on the course and tell them we are doing an experiment to monitor staff while on courses away from home and want to have them in certain rooms all alongside each other with us in the room opposite.  We give them the room number where we want each member of staff and they agree willingly.  We then reserve the room where the subject will be staying 2 nights before she is due to stay.

We enter the room and open up the TV from the back.  We then position a small pinhole camera and transmitter inside the TV and wire it up to the electrical feed.  They are only good for around 25 meters to get a good picture, so the hotel room opposite is perfect.

She arrives on the course and checks in with all the others.  It’s relatively late at night so they all just have a drink in the bar and then go to their respective rooms.  The next day she is on the course until 4.30pm so we are all set up for 4.20pm waiting for her to get back to the hotel.

She enters the room alone and strips completely naked, then starts to do aerobics in front of the TV which the agent enjoys watching.  She then showers and goes out with one of the other girls for a meal and drinks and they meet two guys in a bar.  The ex-boyfriend is nowhere to be seen.  They both go back to the hotel with their 'new friends' and go to their respective rooms with the men.  Everything goes very well for her but the client is obviously very unhappy.


Steven Gregson
05/07/2014 9:50am

awesome, I would love to have been there to see the video, and the clients face when he found out what she was up to

05/21/2014 1:22am

Well! That will teach her! You never know who is watching so you'd best behave at all times! ;)

05/26/2014 7:18pm

Did you have to check with the hotel staff before installing the camera or was that out of courtesy? What if they said no?

francis woods
05/26/2014 8:32pm

I had to read that one twice to realize what happened! Why is she exercising naked? And, yes, the client is mad, but he got his money's worth and found out what he needed to know.

05/26/2014 9:26pm

There are occasions when it is better to keep it all to ourselves and not tell anyone else what's going on

05/26/2014 9:38pm

Don't know why she decided to do it naked, perhaps she just liked the feeling. He got a result albeit not what he expected

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