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Spy camera
A female client comes to the office and thinks her husband is cheating.  We arrange to follow him and he keeps going to a street in Bolton.  The problem is parking and seeing which house he runs into.  We then narrow it down to one of two houses and keep watch.

After several hours the agent sees him come out of number 23 and head back to his car.  Next day we find out who lives at 23 and that she is married and he husband works away a lot.

The agent then gets a job to see if stolen goods from a warehouse are being sold on a local market.  He goes wandering around the market and finds nothing to do with the stolen property but buys himself a leather jacket.  When he gets back to the office he tries to tell the boss he had to buy the jacket on expenses but the boss tells him where to get off.

The next Tuesday he goes there again and we are ready this time.  We get film of him going in but can’t see anything inside because the curtains are closed.  The agent goes around the back and manages to look into the kitchen from the end of the garden.  It is difficult to see what’s happening because he can only see the top of their heads.  He decides to climb a small tree on the other side of their garden, in next door, to get some film and photos and sees them both fondling each other and kissing passionately.  The agent then falls out of the tree and into a fishpond while filming, but manages to throw the camera onto the grass.  The best news for the boss was that the leather jacket was ruined.


Annie Marie Peters
05/19/2014 5:34am

Great story! I hope the camera caught him falling out of the tree and into the pond too. That would be great for your blooper reel. Hehe. Love these case studies! Very interesting.

Barbara G.
05/20/2014 1:23am

Whatever it takes to get the job done! The leather jacket aside, it's good to know the agent was able to at least save the camera and deliver the evidence.

05/21/2014 1:18am

LOL! Well, you agency certainly earned their money that day. I can just imagine him falling out of that tree!

05/26/2014 7:16pm

What a crazy string of events. The investigator's life is never boring it seems!

francis woods
05/26/2014 8:21pm

With today's technology, there isn't much you can do without getting caught. Somebody, somewhere is watching, even if they are up in a tree!

05/30/2014 12:21pm

Always betrayal... I mean, if you don't want to stay with a person anymore, leave him and get a new life, no? They cheat and stay married cause of what people could think and for money for sure...what a sick world!


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