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There is a site  that offers all kinds of information on children and family matters including a section offering to manage indirect contact. They also provide the facility for absent parents to leave a ‘Later in Life Letter’ in a completely secure vault, and a bespoke service directory where you can find professionals from private investigators, mediators, independent social workers, or solicitors specialising in divorce and family law.

Spring Garden Consultancy is the practice-based arm of My Child

Established in 1994 as part of Select Associates International Investigators Spring Garden consultancy’s role was to deliver specialised children and family based investigations and follow-up therapy and training to individuals and organisations experiencing dysfunction and organisational disorder. Our dynamic and challenging solution focused approach has been widely acclaimed as one of the most successful problem solving, trouble-shooting models in use today. Our approach is flexible and imaginative and can be specifically tailored to address any issues required to help create a positive outcome.

There is no ‘one size fits all’ to our work; it is a little different every time. Our success relies on the way we approach each task, which underpins everything we do as a team.

Our director, Kenneth J Griffiths has 24 years experience as a Children and Families Social Worker. Qualified in Dispute Resolution, he is experienced in investigating many child abduction cases. He has also acted as expert witness on numerous occasions and has been used by the Children and Family Court Advisory And Support Service (CAFCASS) in Staffordshire and by their Difficult Contact Section in London.

As a Solution Focused Therapist Kenn’s vision permeates the whole of Spring Garden Consultancy’s practice and policies. Trained by Europe’s leading therapy training organisation ‘BRIEF Therapy Practice’, he has very unique skills, which mean he is able to bring about positive change in a wide variety of situations with individuals, families, businesses and private and public organisations.

Kenn is often asked to work with families who are experiencing awkward and delicate contact problems. He is able to work as a contact supervisor and independent social worker.

Kenn was one of the founding members of the initiative, which led to the formation of Staffordshire County Council’s Intermediate Treatment Programme for Young Offenders. He served on Stoke on Trent’s Juvenile Liaison Panel, a multi agency group involving Staffordshire Probation, Education, Social Services and the Police. He was instrumental in the formation of the Staffordshire Court Diversion Scheme, another multi agency approach to adolescent crime. Kenn has also been involved with Child Protection Investigations, coordinating Health Authority, Police, Social Services and Housing colleagues in Derbyshire, Nottinghamshire, Staffordshire, and North Humberside. As a Guardian-ad-Litem he has been involved in a number of court cases involving multi agency coordination.

In 2001 Kenn worked closely with Carmarthenshire County Council and other agencies to form and write their Policy and Procedures for Anti-Social Behaviour Problem Solving Groups. He has trained and helped to set up a Mediation Service in the Merthyr Tydfil area.



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This is a really useful service that could've helped my friend in her divorce when it became difficult for her to liaise directly with her husband

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It's difficult to undergo unlike circumstances in life such as divorce and broken family issues per se, especially when you are a mother of three beautiful children. I am not wishing though to be on that situation but these helpful and caring programs will make lives at ease and attain freedom. If you love your children and in bad divorce situation then I would recommend attending to this child care solutions.

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I can't imagine being separated from my precious little girl but if such a time came I'm happy to hear there are services like this.

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Divorce can be tough on children and being able to stay in touch when one parent is against it is important to their well being and mental stability.

francis woods
05/26/2014 8:37pm

Keeping contact with your children during a divorce is important. Knowing that they are safe and that you are there for them will help them through such a bad time.


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