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Pinhole camera
The client this time is a black male and he has a half cast wife that he think is unfaithful.  He wants he followed when she goes out on a Monday and Thursday.  She is gorgeous with great legs and a beautiful figure, 25 years old. Her husband is 35 years old and relatively wealthy businessman, giving her anything she wants.

The agent gets to the house early and fits a tracking device on her car so he can follow at a discreet distance.  He follows her and she drives to a pub about 10 miles away.  She waits in the car at the pub car park and within a few minutes another car pulls alongside.  She gets out of her Porsche Boxster and into a Mercedes SLK driven by another male and off they go.    

The agent has no time to retrieve the tracker so just leaves it and follows the Merc. They end up at a hotel just off the motorway and go in together.  The agent manages to get inside before them and is at the counter being dealt with as the come in.  He overhears the man book the room and off they go to suite 233.  Our agent asks for a room alongside but the closest is two doors away.  He takes the room because it allows him to wander through the hotel without question as a guest.

The agent really wanted to get the room alongside so they could hear what was going on between the couple.  Unfortunately the rooms are o the second floor and there is no way to see in from outside.  The agent then slides open the window to see if he can see anything, but nothing doing. After a few minutes he stands outside the room door of the couple and hears them laughing and joking.

He asks the other agent to stay and wait while he goes home for something. He has an idea and races home to grabs a ‘Roach pole’ that he uses when out fishing the local lakes, that extends to around 40 feet.  When he gets back to the hotel the other agent confirms they are still in the room. The agent then fixes a miniature camera for covert applications and a 40 metre cable all onto the end of the roach-pole. Once fitted they feed the pole outside windows of the hotel until it reaches the room of the subjects.

Once the camera is alongside the window of the subjects’ room they get a fuzzy picture through the lace curtains, but can clearly see them naked together on the bed.  Just as they start to record the footage the wind gets up outside and the camera taps against the window.

One of the agents’ starts laughing saying “he is 'effing' watching you filming him on the job”.  The other agent is trying to hold the pole steady but in the wind it keeps banging it against the window.  The laughing agent says “stop, stop, he’s coming to the window.  The male subject throws open the lace curtain but the agent gets the camera out of the way quick enough and he doesn’t see anything.  He then jumps back on the bed and continues romping around with the clients wife.

We filmed for about 5 minutes but couldn’t keep it steady any longer.  Every time the camera hit the window they both turned towards it wondering what the noise was. There is a time when you know that you have enough information from the surveillance to be certain what is going on.


05/23/2014 5:52am

That sounded like a very close call but you still got the footage that you needed. That was some amazing ingenuity on the agent's part to get that pole and attach a camera to it.

05/23/2014 10:29am

You have to be able to think on your feet and be creative in this game

05/26/2014 12:06pm

So, In the end she cheated on him! As always! Surveillance is the only good way to keep things under control! Great story and great service, guys!

05/26/2014 7:44pm

I sometimes think that private investigators often have better camera equipment than a professional photographer! I have seen some expensive cameras being used in the industry and they must be getting some incredible shots with them.

05/26/2014 8:55pm

I was just looking around your site and I found that you sell some very discreet hidden cameras. I didn't know they made them that small and they could be installed almost anywhere! I am having a hard time choosing which one I need for my purposes. What do you recommend for an entry door that can be linked to my tablet?

05/26/2014 9:29pm

All the cameras can be linked to an IP link that can then be viewed 24 hours a day over the internet on a PC, Tablet or iPad

06/02/2014 5:07pm

Well done! great service, And If I will ever need a service like that, I will call you for sure!

06/04/2014 12:09pm

So I think I have the same problem. I don't trust my wife anymore. I'm in the UK and I want to know the truth. Sending you an email right now with all the informations.

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