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There are many people who think that hidden cameras are an invasion of privacy, but when used in the right way and within legal guidelines, they are invaluable when gathering evidence.
Just recently on the news and documentaries by Panorama, we have seen the instances where it has been necessary to use a covert hidden camera to get to the truth of what is actually going on.
The great thing about hidden cameras is that no-one but you knows there are in place. They can be built into virtually anything and record on movement activation or full time. 
They are completely in-obtrusive and if no evidence is gained they can be removed within minutes without having to upset anyone.
The hidden cameras can be installed in clothing, or day-to-day items making them undetectable to anyone else in the room.
The camera units are installed with their own SD card to record directly into the unit and therefore make it easy to remove and play back on your PC.  Most cameras are fitted with movement detection so it is unnecessary to record hours of wasted time.
Take a look at some of the hidden cameras we have in stock. They all work directly out of the box and come with full instructions for use. 

We also offer full CCTV system installation with the option to purchase by leasing the equipment and save on upfront costs.


Stephen Joe
05/07/2014 4:24am

Great! I want a camera that can be paired to my shirt like a button. I can use this in dealing with customers and clients for business purposes and to prevent fraudulent act.

11/10/2017 8:31am

Personally, if I am being filmed without my knowledge and I don't see the point of doing that to me, I will most likely consider it as an act of privacy invasion. CCTV cameras were made to keep us away from harm, to protect ourselves, and other stuff that is in regards with our safety. But if this is being used for other purposes, I think it's just right for some people to ask what are the hidden cameras for. It is your right! Everyone is entitled for their own privacy!

Adam Parker
05/07/2014 5:00am

I just want to say thank you for the great service and for being so professional. I highly recommend you to everyone and I am just glad that I chose you. Keep it up!

05/26/2014 7:26pm

These cameras are getting better all the time. They are smaller, have better picture and are almost undetectable by the untrained eye. The possibilities are endless!

shaun wright
05/26/2014 8:43pm

Thank you for posting that video! I didn't realize all of the new advancements in cctv cameras made them smaller and still more powerful!

03/29/2016 6:00pm

In most of the places the people fixed the cameras which are hidden in the walls to take the issues.


With the installations of hidden cameras, we are really getting the plus point in the field of security and safety. In these days, the cameras are really playing the great rule as a primary security measures. Thanks for this all.

07/12/2017 8:31am

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08/04/2017 3:04pm

Do I need a license to use these hidden cameras? I think I do need them.

11/02/2017 8:28am

Thank you for posting this video!! Very easy to understand:)

11/05/2017 9:37pm

Yeah, you are right. Sometimes it is the only way to know the truth. It's pretty sad.

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