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Hidden camera

One of our major clients in Insurance Fraud investigation sends us an instruction to say they have a subject with a damaged neck and back and he can hardly get around due to his injuries.  We do the preliminary enquiries at the office to check he is still living at the house and confirm all the details.  Once the agents get to the property they realize it’s a farmhouse literally in the middle of nowhere.  They try to get close to the house but it is virtually impossible.

We then get a call from the insurance company to say he has an appointment with a specialist consultant, and rightly enough, off he goes being driven by his sister.  He gets out of the car at the offices of the specialist and is wearing a neck brace and using a walking stick as he goes in. It appears that he knows how to play the game. 

A call is put in to the insurance agent to inform him of what went on.  They ask for us to stay on it for a few more days as they really want to catch this guy out.

The surveillance goes on for days and all we see is brief glimpses of the top of his head using binoculars from across the fields.  One of the agents in the office makes a call to the house pretending to be from the local village post office.  He tells the subject that a package has been delivered but the van is broken and asks him to collect it.  The subject says he will send his sister for it, but the agent states it must be signed for in person and the post office is closing in 25 minutes.

After a short wait they see the subject coming out of the driveway in his car, being driven by someone else.  The agent radios ahead to the other agent in the village to advise.  The subject heads into the village and gets to the post office, but it has closed for half day on a Wednesday.  The subject appears to be fuming and marches off  to the store across the street.  The agents are filming him walking up and down the street, back and forward to his car. The next thing he comes out of a veggie shop with a sack of spuds on his shoulder and bag in the other hand.  It has taken days of surveillance just to get him on film for less than a minute.

The case goes to court and the subject turns up with a neck brace on and a walking stick as before.  Our field agents are in court to give evidence and the film footage is played making him look a fool. It's great when surveillance ops go to plan.


Annie Marie Peters
05/19/2014 5:15am

Interesting case study. This guy thought he had a bulletproof plan, although it turned out to be not quite as solid as he hoped. It only takes a minute to slip up, and it's great that surveillance was there to catch him. Job well done!

Joel W.
05/20/2014 1:13am

It's amazing how many people think they can get away with insurance fraud. It's good to know you guys are out there doing surveillance to catch them.

05/20/2014 10:25am

I hate insurance fraud! Gaming the system only makes things more expensive for the rest of us!

05/23/2014 6:04am

Surveillance is the key it looks like. How much of the job is surveillance? I would think a very large percentage.

francis woods
05/26/2014 8:19pm

Insurance fraud is big! I am an insurance agent and our claims division is always handling things like that. People think they are able to get away with it but usually not.

05/26/2014 9:39pm

It's great to get a result and catch the fraudsters

Polly G.
05/27/2014 10:34pm

Hopefully this will be a wake up call to more people who think that they can get away with this kind of thing, as that the law will eventually catch up to them. I truly hope that the subject looked as foolish as possible! :)

05/28/2014 3:04pm

It is great that this guy was found out, as it annoys me just how many people get away with this kind of thing. Hopefully surveillance technology can help with more cases like this and help to stop people from claiming insurance when they do not deserve it.

Rachael B
05/28/2014 4:14pm

Wow I honestly didn't see that coming.

08/04/2014 9:23am

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