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A very respectable lady of 55 years calls and says that she would like a meeting at her house in Disley.  The boss goes to see her and she explains that her husband is acting very strangely and has been doing so for several years.  She doesn’t think it is another woman but wonders why he doesn’t come home till late and always smells of different scents.

He is a very wealthy businessman and she wants to know what he is up to in case it is illegal or will affect her if she has to get divorced and leave him.  They have been married for23 years at this point and she has never doubted him before.  All of a sudden he is carrying lots of cash around with him and she thinks he might be stashing cash to leave her.   

We arrange to follow him and do several days of surveillance using different agents but nothing out of the ordinary.  We don’t mind because she is paying by the hour and easy work.  On the 4th day we follow him to a house in Warrington and he lets himself in through the front door with his own key.  The house is nothing special but a nice semi in a fairly good area.  The office staff get on with finding out who owns it and when they last bought it, what they paid for it etc.

It comes back that a corporation in Costa Rica owns it and bought it three years ago for £125,000 with no mortgage.  For the following 3 occasions he goes to the house and lets himself in.  The client then asks us to make enquiries with the neighbours because no-one is listed on the Electoral Role.  We duly speak to neighbours and they say it is just a guy on his own that seems to work away a lot.

We inform the client and advise her to try and get any keys off his key ring copied that she doesn’t recognize.  She copies three and we the following day we take her to the house while he is at the office.  One agent watches him at the office while the boss is with her.

They enter the house and all there is in the kitchen is a few bottles of wine and a bottle of whisky.  There is no food in the cupboards and no milk in the fridge.

We go upstairs and into the bathroom first.  All that we see is a hairbrush and a razor, some hairspray and some Vete. No toothbrushes or anything else.  It seemed strange but we carried on into the bedroom and the bed is just a mattress with no bedding of any description.  She then opens the wardrobe doors and steps back taking a gasp.  I immediately turn around and see the look on her face.  She is flabbergasted and starts swearing the dirty bastard pervert.

I look in the wardrobe and there is a selection of female clothing for a woman of around 50 years, similar size to the client.  I can’t understand what is the problem initially other than she thinks he is seeing another older woman. 

She then turns to me and says these are what I sent to the charity shop two years ago and swings open the door fully.  On the inside are pictures of him in her dresses and wearing a selection of wigs.  We then open the wardrobe alongside and there are 4 wigs of different colour and style on heads.

It just goes to show that even when you are with someone for over 20 years, they can still surprise you and people always have skeletons in the closet! Surveillance is still the best way to get to the truth and find out what's really going on.


05/14/2014 12:46pm

wow, you just never know what some people are up to!!

Annie Marie Peters
05/19/2014 5:27am

Oh wow! That must have been quite the shock (and embarrassment) for everyone. To each their own, but when a marriage and lies are involved, that is a different story. It was very clever to have the wife copy the keys to the house. BUSTED.

05/20/2014 1:16am

What a surprise ending! I was afraid you were going to discover something dark or sinister was going on inside the house. I never would have guessed the guy was leading a double life... as his wife!

05/20/2014 10:29am

LOL, a cross dresser. O...k. Sounds like he needs help and I hope she supports him in that endeavor.

05/26/2014 7:14pm

I was NOT expecting that ending at all! I was thinking that with all of the cash, it was drugs or something of that nature, but crossdressing?

francis woods
05/26/2014 8:20pm

I wonder if his cheating on her would have been better or worse that him dressing up in her clothes.

Darcie Walbrook
05/28/2014 3:08pm

Ouch that's got to be some heavy news! I too was expecting the story to be about drugs or some kind of illegal dealings, but this just blew all of my expectations out of the water.

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