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Suitcase tracker

New suitcase that allows you to track its' position anywhere in 220 countries. The tracking unit is built into the case and not visible when the case is looked into.

Made from 5mm Rigid and Durable Plastic, it is fully waterproof and programmable from your PC or by using the Mobile App.

Using our Large High Impact Case you can rest assured that your valuable equipment or parts are being transported safely. The tough exterior and airtight valve keeps the case water resistant, meaning you’ll never worry about them getting damaged or wet. The two pieces of foam can easily be shaped to mould around any of your valuables, so you can completely customise the inside to suit your needs!

The case is a Large High Impact Case with Pre Cut Foam Interior
• It will keep your valuables safe because it is robust and water resistant case
• It is supplied with two pieces of pre-cut foam enabling you to customise the inside for your own specific needs
• Tough and durable exterior that ensures all your contents are fully protected and waterproof.



Steven G
05/18/2014 2:13pm

This has got to be great for anyone transporting valuable goods that you can't get in a smaller case and get into the overhead bins on aircraft.

Annie Marie Peters
05/19/2014 5:11am

Excellent suitcase for transporting valuables. It's durable and the inside is easily customized. The waterproofing is a nice feature too.

Joel W.
05/20/2014 1:11am

Interesting. So, the suitcase has an internal GPS system?

05/20/2014 4:29pm

Hi Joel
Yes, the suitcase has an internal GPS built into it, transmitter, battery and everything.

05/20/2014 10:23am

As a musician, this would come in handy. What many people don't realize now is many touring singers carry instrumental music on several Ipads and need only those and a quality mic to tie into a club's sound system. This case would be perfect for transporting those items

05/23/2014 6:01am

Is the gps system detectable by someone who might steal the case? And when would this be more useful? Traveling with valuables or a ransom request?

05/23/2014 10:36am

The GPS system is not visible unless you know what you are looking for. It could be detected by electronic equipment made for the purpose. It is certainly something you should buy and store, just in case you get kidnapped and tell your family to send the ransom in it, lol.

francis woods
05/26/2014 8:17pm

Can this kind of technology be integrated into a child's backpack or even smaller, in their shoes? It would be a very beneficial for parents especially if their child gets taken.

05/26/2014 9:33pm

Yes they can and we supply a small version that can be sewn inside coats or bags. The can even be used in a woman's handbag, you never find anything in the bottom of there lol

05/27/2014 10:24pm

Damn it's a shame I didn't know about this when I lost my suitcase in New York... It would have saved a lot of hassle with trying to locate a suitcase, and eventually have it returned through luck that someone handed it in to the police. I will be sure to pick this up as soon as possible.

05/28/2014 11:20am

Incredible, did you make this tools guys? I would like to have one! Where to get it?

05/28/2014 11:37am

Hi Larry
They are available to buy on the web page at the bottom left hand side there is a 'Buy Now' button where you can pay by PayPal or credit card

Marcus Brittle
05/28/2014 3:19pm

I am going on a trip to Australia soon and I have been concerned about losing any of my valuables on the journey. I think that this could be a great solution to my luggage issues.


Can we track this suitcase if it lost...?

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