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hidden camera

Two women walk into the office after making an appointment with the boss’s wife.  They are from a lower class area and she doesn’t expect them to have much money to spend.

They tell her that their men are working away all week as builders in the Lake District and will be up to no good at night because they don’t want much sex when they come home at weekends.

One of them is older and married, and the other is in her 20’s and just living with the guy.  They inform us that this weekend their men will not be coming home, and have to stay away to get the job finished.

The women don’t believe it of course and want us to find and follow them.  We have the details of the company they are working for, and one the agents in the office call them and get the details of the address where the guys are working.

One of our agents travels to the building site and takes his wife along as cover in the evening time.  At 4.00pm they leave the building site and go back to a B&B.  At 7.20pm they leave the B&B and go to the local pub.  A few minutes later the agent and his wife follow into the pub.  It is a very old fashioned pub but the only one in the small village where they staying.

In one corner are several men in flat caps playing crib and the other corner a couple of younger guys playing darts.  The agent gets stared at as though he is from outer space because they don’t get many non-locals.  The 2 builders have been going there for about 7 weeks now, so they have been accepted.

The two men are just sat drinking at the bar and chatting away to the barmaid, who seems very flirty.  At 9.30pm the barmaid finishes her shift and comes to this side of the bar sitting between the men.  Thankfully the agent has his key fob camera and is filming it all.  Both guys are flirting with her and touching he bum, with occasional whispers in her ear.  This creates a lot of laughing and frivolity.  At 10.45pm they all leave the pub together and walk back to the B&B.  Our agents can’t get inside and stay watching from outside until midnight when there are no more lights on inside the place.

They leave and drive back to Manchester.  The next day he brings the film footage into the office and we edit it down for the clients.  The clients then come to the office and see what the guys have been up to.

The women are extremely angry and swearing more than I hear most men swear when they are stoned.  There are threats to kill them and cut off their d**ks etc.  They then ask if we will drive them to the pub that night so they can confront the 2 of them in the act.  It is suggested to them that it would cost a lot of money and isn’t such a wise decision due to their anger.

They then produce a wad of cash to choke a donkey and say if you don’t want to do it we will find someone that will.  The boss decides that we are not doing anything illegal and agrees to take them, all cash upfront.

That night the boss and the agent from the previous night drive them to the pub and sit in wait for the subjects to arrive. It is decided that it’s best to wait outside the pub until 9.30pm when the barmaid finishes her shift.  The agent from the previous night goes in and checks that she is serving, which she is.

At 9.35pm the two clients decide that they have waited long enough and head on in.  The boss and agent stroll alongside thinking it’s going to be a bit awkward but nothing major.  The older client throws open the door and the barmaid is sat in between her husband and his mate.  She sees her husband hand on the shoulder of the barmaid and just sees red.  She grabs the girls hair and drags her to the floor then kicking her all the time screaming at the top of her lungs how she has aids and is fucking anything new that comes to the village.

The old guys in their playing cards are stunned into silence.  The dart players are gob-smacked and stop to stare at what’s going on.

The other client then walks over to her boyfriend and slaps him across the face really hard.  The other builder grabs his wife to pull her off the barmaid.  The younger builder recovering from the slap then decides to punch his girlfriend square in the face and sends her flying into the arms of the agents.  The older client breaks free from her husband who is trying to calm down the situation.  She still hasn’t stopped swearing and shouting obscenities.  She then sees the barmaid get up off the floor and start heading towards her.  The client takes off one of her shoes and plants the stiletto heel right into the girls’ head.

All of this has happened with a minute and the agents are so stunned they are still trying to revive the punched client.  The younger builder then heads towards the agents and starts brawling with the boss, saying is this your “fucking fault for bringing them here you cunt”.  

Thankfully the police have been called and arrive very quickly.  They ask us to take the women outside and wait, which of course we do.  We then tell them it would be best to get in the car and wait to speak to the police.

A police officer comes out with the younger builder in hand cuffs and is leading him towards the police car when his girlfriend decides it’s time for more abuse.  She calls him all the names under the sun, and a few more, at which point he breaks free from the police officer and runs over to her side of the car, then kicks her so hard she falls on the ground.  The boss and the police officer have to restrain him and force him to stop.

It turned out the guy was an ex-boxer on steroids and had anger management issues!!    


Annie Marie Peters
05/19/2014 5:30am

Oh my! This case escalated quickly, didn't it? When dealing with matters like this, I'm sure emotions are high and things can get heated in a matter of seconds. By the way, I really like the key fob camera. That's a very handy little tool.

05/20/2014 1:20am

That brawl must have been a sight to behold. Do you ever wonder what happens to your clients after finishing the job? I think it would be interesting to check in and see where these folks are today.

05/20/2014 10:19am

Unfortunately this same scenario - different people at different places - plays out all the time. If being faithful is such a difficult proposition, why do people make that agreement? I'm glad your clients got their money's worth.

05/23/2014 6:00am

It seems there is never a dull moment in this business! That fight sounds like a site, but what kind of liability do the agents have for bringing the women there?

05/23/2014 10:33am

The liability insurance covers us for taking the women there but once in situ they decide what action to take and it is up to them to deal with it

francis woods
05/26/2014 8:14pm

Bar fights, stake outs and tailing people! Being a private investigator must be an awesome job! How well would a woman fare as a PI?

05/26/2014 9:31pm

Women make excellent investigators and can often be more cheeky when asking direct questions to male subjects

05/29/2014 2:10pm

Wow, I love reading these stories... I mean, it may happen to all of us one day! better be prepared!

12/22/2016 11:25am

Woman have a great six sense about their family and love ones. this post tell us a way how to investigate and caught red handed anyone. great work. keep posting thank you!


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