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Being from the North West and not being used to using the Underground in London it can be quite daunting for a infrequent traveller.

The surveillance subject was a small chinese male and I swear he walked faster than Usain Bolt runs. He was hopping on and off trains to get into the city centre and it was extremely difficult to follow him. The major problem was not being able to see him amongst the other passengers because he was only 5' 3" tall. If you have used the Underground Tube in rush hour you know that if you're not quick enough, you can't even get on the same train, let alone the same carriage. On that basis it is very difficult to see what station the subject gets off the train.

I took us three men and two attempts to get the details of where he was working and then follow up with the required surveillance. Once at street level and close to his offices, forget using a car. Everything in the city centre is on foot or in a taxi, making covert ops difficult on the street with very little cover. Thankfully we got a great result and yet another false claim denied.



Steven G
06/24/2014 10:12am

Dodgy little bugger by the sounds of him

Diana M
06/24/2014 10:49am

last time I was on the tube I felt like a sardine! I can imagine it wasn't easy to keep an eye on him

Jack Ball
06/30/2014 7:08pm

As a frequent tube user, I can confirm that being able to track anybody that gets on and off carriages is almost an impossibility. There is just an overwhelming number of people crammed into each carriage, so it is impressive that you even managed to follow the guy from one train to the other, especially considering his small height.

Lucy Greenbank
06/30/2014 8:35pm

Something makes me wonder whether the quick switching from train to train was part of his evasion strategy... Perhaps he knew he was being followed? Either way, it's good that you caught the guy despite being surrounded by hundreds of people in a small space.

Hannah Hunt
06/30/2014 11:41pm

Sneaky... Very sneaky indeed! Using the tube can be a nightmare, especially when you are trying to track the movements of just one person. I find it hard to believe that even the cameras that they have set up inside can follow people effectively, never mind actual people trying to navigate through the place.

Samuel G
07/02/2014 6:33pm

It just goes to show... you can be found even in a crowded environment such as the London tube. Whilst I have only really been on the tube once or twice, I know all too well how impossible it can be to get to train to train, so I can imagine how difficult it must have been to catch this guy!

Olivia Niles
07/05/2014 3:53pm

Small, fast and constantly switching trains!? It's a miracle you were even able to catch him in the end! Especially, during rush hour when it seems that the entire population of London crams themselves as tightly as possible in one space.

Mark S
07/08/2014 3:04am

Good job on catching the crafty bugger! Your team really must be good to be able to track someone moving through the tube! As someone who makes daily trips on the tube at rush hour, I can tell you from experience it is absolutely chaos! Glad that you go the result you were looking for, and he was able to get away with his false claims.

Taylor Norton
07/09/2014 9:23pm

I find it difficult enough to figure out which platforms are for which trains, never mind trying to track someone at the same time! Good job!

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